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Information Technology

How efficiently organizations process, protect, access, and analyze enterprise information can mean the difference in competitive markets.  ERP, CRM and Business Intelligence systems must be optimized to the goals and unique advantages of your enterprise.

PTSOL™ brings more than a decade of experience implementing, configuring, and enhancing enterprise applications to ensure they are working for you – never the other way around.

Enterprise Applications

PTSOL™ has helped leaders across multiple industry verticals get more from their ERP and CRM systems through better process alignment, relevant reporting, minimized data entry, and improved integration across the enterprise.

The following are some of the vendor-specific applications and modules PTSOL™ specializes in:

Oracle 11i and R12 E-Business Suite –

  • Manufacturing (Supply Chain, Inventory, Purchasing etc.)
  • Financials
  • Order Management
  • CRM – Service Contracts, Field Service, Install Base
  • Peoplesoft HRMS
  • Microsoft, SalesForce and Siebel CRMs
  • SAP configuration and performance optimization

QA and Testing

Many organizations still have developers, even architects, testing their enterprise applications. By contrast, an independent, dedicated testing team provides a more effective allocation of core resources and a reliable check for mission-critical functionality.

PTSOL™ provides full lifecycle test management services including unit, system, integration, performance and load testing.  By leveraging test automation, reusability, and global team models, we bring down the cost while improving the depth of quality verification.

PTSOL™’s methodologies aim to provide continually increasing efficiencies throughout the product lifecycle. This reduces testing bottlenecks and helps you release faster and avoid business interruptions.

Business Intelligence and Big Data

In today’s world, availability of data is no longer the issue.  With most business and interaction occurring online, companies have never had a better opportunity to understand their customers.  Social media, browsing stats, GPS, search patterns, product reviews, and traditional transactional data all provide clues that allow business to respond faster and more purposefully to its customers’ needs.

PTSOL™ gives you the infrastructure and analytical tools to capture, consolidate, and interpret this tsunami of latent business value.  Because this analysis occurs separately from your running systems, there is no impact on performance or business.  Additionally, KPI dashboards are customized for each role in the organization so executives, managers, and team leads each see the intelligence that allows them to make the critical decisions necessary to succeed.

PTSOL™’s BI consultants and data scientists can analyze the business challenges your organization is experiencing and proposes BI and Big Data strategies to reduce bottlenecks, predict customer behavior, identify top performers, and predict market trends.

Custom Applications

Your differentiators are what make your business stand out in competitive markets.  Therefore, it is often necessary to build custom software applications to support the business processes unique to your enterprise.

PTSOL™’s analysts and architects can design custom applications that provide the performance, usability, integration and reporting to accelerate your focus workflow without impacting other key business process.  Global development teams deliver within the budget and timelines required by core business strategies.

With over a decade providing full application lifecycle solutions, PTSOL™ gives special attention to ensuring the sustainability of the custom application.  Additionally, our long-term maintenance and support models assist stretched IT departments and keep critical systems online and up to the standards of business.