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Engineering Visualization

Fierce global competition is forcing manufacturers to bring new products and services faster to market, while reducing the cost of new product introduction and after-sales support services.

PTSOL’s Ethosh Digital Visualization solution offers leading manufacturers the ability to achieve these objectives while simultaneously improving their quality of service and increasing their brand value.

Visuals are:

  • Processed - 60,000 x Faster
  • Retained - 100 x Longer
  • Effect Action - 43% x More Potent

By leveraging today’s universally available higher bandwidth and low-cost video delivery platforms, manufacturers can now cost-effectively and rapidly reach a global audience. Using Ethosh’s digital engineering visualization you can eliminate language barriers and minimize content development, printing and distribution costs. Go Green!

Marketing Visuals

Marketing videos can be leveraged globally to universally and easily reach new markets to accelerate product launch and lead generation.

Whether exhibiting at roadshows or disseminating information to channel partners or prospects, engineering visuals can help organizations achieve faster market share and higher sales revenues.

Product Manuals

Interactive visual manuals help organizations significantly lower product installation and configuration costs by allowing for easy self-service. Ethosh visualizations are also a perfect, complementary companion for your existing remote support mechanisms which leads to higher client satisfaction.

Training Manuals

As the velocity and global reach of product offerings increase, training cost containment is a continual challenge for product manufacturers. Whether targeted to the assembly line for improving quality, or service engineers or product end-users, Ethosh helps improve productivity at multiple levels.

Parts Order Placement

Save time and effort using Ethosh visualizations to help correctly identify replacement parts and increase client satisfaction. Avoid errors and rework.

Regulatory Compliance & Safety Instructions

Translating into multiple languages can be an expensive proposition. By leveraging Ethosh solutions, product manufacturers can lower regulatory compliance costs and simultaneously simplify product management.

Key Features and Benefits

Visual & AnimatedQuick and Easy Learning
InteractiveGreater User Impact
Integrated (ERP, PLM)Easier Distribution
Platform IndependentUniversal Access (PC, Tablet, Mobile, TV, Web)
Personalized & TailoredUnique Branding & Messaging

Our Approach

Tailored & Fast

  • Enterprise-Wide Requirements
  • Targeted Project Needs
  • Close and Consistent Account Management

Scalable and Secure

  • Vault-like IP Security
  • Managed Workflow
  • Multiple Formats for easy distribution


  • Proven Engagement Methodology to build a solid foundation
  • Long-term approach


  • Trendy visualization techniques
  • Appropriate solution targeted to impact intended audience

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